It’s not a secret that animal shelter and similar organizations are always stretched thin on resources. This is particularly true when it comes to marketing and fundraising tools, tools that are often priced outside of the reach of animal shelters and similar organizations.

After talking to the great people at Classy, we’re excited to say that they have created the Social Media for Animals discount which provides a significant discount of 64 percent off for animal sheltering organizations. *No, we’re not getting paid by Classy, we’re just excited that a company offering helpful online fundraising components is willing to give sheltering organizations a big discount! 

Below are answers to the questions we anticipated, but if feel free to reach out if you have questions not addressed below.

Organizations interested in getting this discount will need to sign a contract by August 30th (start date negotiable). If you’re interested in signing up or learning more (or both!) fill out the form here.

Please also share this with your friends at other shelters so more can benefit from this!

Who is eligible for the discount?
Any U.S. based nonprofit organization with an animal focus can sign up, provided that the organization is not currently using Classy.

What is Classy? How could it benefit a shelter?
Classy is a way to improve online giving by leveraging integrated donation pages, event registration, peer to peer fundraising, and campaign specific fundraising pages. It allows for both one time and recurring giving. Below are some examples:

What is the total cost of this? Are there fees involved?
Organizations participating in the Social Media for Animals Network can select a one year ($2388) or two year ($4776) plan, 60 percent off of the usual price of $6000 for a one year plan. Classy does charge a fee of 4 per transaction, and provides three options for payment providers: WePay, and Braintree.

Cost One Year Cost without Discount
Classy Cost $2388 $6000
transaction fees 4% per transaction 4% per transaction
credit card processing fees 4.90% 4.90%

Interested? Fill out this form here!

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