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Are you ready to hire a social media manager, but don’t know what the actual job description looks like? Or perhaps you’ve been tasked with writing the social media policy for employees at your facility, but don’t know where to start. Or maybe, you just need an example for a commenting policy to add to your Facebook page. This policy library is here to help get you started!

Please keep in mind that every shelter or rescue group (and every state) has different requirements for what a policy or job description looks like. Social Media for Animals and the originating organizations are simply providing these as examples, and do not guarantee that they would be applicable to your facility, or meet the requirements of your human resources department or the local (and federal) laws.

Employee Technology Use Policy Example – Animal Shelter

Rules Applicable to All Technology Use (Company and Personal) This policy example has been anonymized. The following rules apply in all of your technology use, whether on personal or Company provided technology, and whether engaging in personal or business-related...
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Job Description: Marketing & Graphic Designer – Animal Shelter

Kansas City Pet Project Job Description Title: Marketing & Graphics Coordinator Department: Marketing Reports to: Director of Marketing & Communications Category: Exempt Supervises: N/A Commitment: This position assists the Director of Marketing &...
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Job Description: Graphic Design Intern – Animal Shelter

Kansas City Pet Project Job Description Title: Graphic Design Intern Department: Marketing & Development Reports to: Manager of Marketing & Development Category: Unpaid Internship Supervises: N/A Commitment: This is a flexible, summer internship requiring 8-16...
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Social Media Commenting Policy Example

(The following has been anonymized in accordance with user request.) This is a page for members of the community that XXXX Shelter serves. We encourage open discussion and invite you to share your opinion on our issues. By participating on this page, you are agreeing...
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Social Media Standards & Guidelines Example – Animal Shelter

Social Media Standards, Guidelines and Policies for KC Pet Project (View a PDF of the original document here.) Intro: This document is to lay out the rules and standards of all KC Pet Project social media communications. As the largest open-admission No Kill shelter...
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Employee Social Media Policy Example – Animal Shelter

Social Media Policy for KC Pet Project Employees At KC Pet Project, our employees are a part of a team that is passionate about the work that we do and saving lives in our community. We are often exposed to highly emotional and stressful situations daily and it can be...
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